How do I format my spreadsheet for batch uploads?

Batch uploads must be in .CSV format. This file requires two columns: remote_id, and amount. Additionally, there are four optional columns that you can specify: ref_idcurrencywallet_id, and memo. 


recipient_id - This is the unique ID for the recipient of the transfer from Velo's system. It must be a 24 character alphanumeric string consisting of the letters a - f and the numbers 0 - 9

remote_id - This is the unique ID you entered into the Velo system to identify the recipient.

amount - This is the amount of money you wish to send. It must be a positive number greater than 0.

ref_id - This is a unique identifier for the transaction. If none is entered, one will be created for the row. It is recommended that you provide the identifier to ensure no duplicate transactions are created. The default will be a combination of the name of the CSV, the current date, and the row of the spreadsheet. 

ie - I uploaded "good_csv_10.csv" on 03/02/2016 with a single row. The generated ref_id would be "good_csv_10.csv_3/2/2016_1"

currency - This is the currency the transfer should be received in. (ie. You wish the recipient to receive 10 euros, you would pass in EUR). The default is USD (US Dollars). If you are planning to use any currency other than US dollars please contact your Velo representative to ensure your account is enabled for the currency you would like to send.

wallet_id - This is a unique ID from the Velo system that identifies the account the money should be transferred to. This is an advanced feature, and should only be used if there is a pressing reason to do so. Generally allowing the wallet to default to the primary wallet set by the Recipient is preferred.

memo - The memo field allows you to add a note to the transfer. Below are a few example.

  • October Invoice
  • Job #32123
  • 5 hours @ $25 per hour

Note: This field is viewable by the recipient, so you should not include any information that they should not see.

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