Add Recipients

In order to send payouts, you need to set up your recipients (i.e. those receiving payouts) in the system. This can be done in one of three ways:

1. Manually in Bold Payout Portal (recommended for small number of recipients)

Manual processing is straight-forward. Log in to the Bold system ( and select from the navigation menu to Add Recipients. You will minimally need to provide an email address and a "Remote ID".

2. Batch File Import (recommended for large numbers of recipients)

Batch processing is a popular option for adding recipients when switching to Bold and have a large number of existing recipients. The file format is a simple CSV file with at least two columns: "email_address" and "remote_id".

3. Server-to-Server API Call

Bold also offers a complete API that supports nearly every possible interaction with the system. In fact, the Bold Client Portal is run entirely on the public API suite! All we need is the recipient's email address and a Remote ID.

Note about "Remote IDs": The Remote ID is a unique identifier that you will later use to send a payout to the recipient. If you do not have unique identifiers for your recipients, you could use the recipient's email address.

After adding recipients to the system, Bold will email each recipient to invite them to "Onboard" in order to provide any information needed to process payouts such as bank account information.

You can check out our docs for more info here.

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Importing manually or with a batch file is recommended for new Bold users!


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