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Welcome to Bold! We're happy to have you here. Here's how to get started.


Sign Up

Sign up for a test account here by providing some info to help us get to know you and your business!


Test Account

Once you sign up, our compliance team will review your information. In your Bold test account, you can

  • add recipients
  • initiate pending payments
  • upload batch files

We'll let you know when our compliance check is complete and your account is approved. Only when your account is approved can you add another user to your account, fund your account, and send payments. 


Adding Recipients 

The first thing you will likely want to do is add recipients to the Bold system. This can be done in one of three ways depending on your needs:

1) Manually in Bold Payout Portal (recommended for small number of recipients)

Manual processing is straight-forward. Log in to the Bold system ( and select from the navigation menu to Add Recipients. You will minimally need to provide an email address and a "Remote ID".

2) Batch File Import (recommended for large numbers of recipients)

Batch processing is a popular option for adding recipients when switching to Bold and have a large number of existing recipients. The file format is a simple CSV file with at least two columns: "email_address" and "remote_id".

3) Server-to-Server API Call (recommended for large numbers of recipients that interface with recipient-focused app)

Bold also offers a complete API that supports nearly every possible interaction with the system. In fact, the Bold Client Portal is run entirely on the public API suite! All we need is the recipient's email address and a Remote ID.

*Note about "Remote IDs": The Remote ID is a unique identifier that you will later use to send a payout to the recipient. If you do not have unique identifiers for your recipients, you could use the recipient's email address.

After adding recipients to the system, Bold will email each recipient to invite them to "Onboard" in order to provide any information needed to process payouts such as bank account information.

To find out more, click here


Funding Your Payouts

Bold works on a "good funds" model which means that we must receive funds from you before we can send out a payment.

You have 2 main options primarily dependent on how fast you want payouts to deliver to recipients. Bold typically processes debit transfers via the inter-bank ACH processing network which normally takes 3 business days from initiation to completion. Bold is also happy to accept wire transfers which normally process "same-day".

On-demand Funding: for each payout request you enter into the system, Bold will tally up the volume on a daily basis and automatically request a debit transfer from the bank account you have on file. In most cases the funds will clear in three business days in which case pending payments will be released to the recipients for next-business-day delivery to their bank accounts.

Pre-Funding: in order to speed up payment processing, you will need to send in funds ahead of time. This could be in the form of a balance that you carry with Bold. Or it could be an estimated amount sufficient to cover future payout volume. The funding request would need to be made at least 3 business days prior to planned payouts.

We can also set up procedures to automatically "top up" your balance on a periodic basis (daily, weekly or when it falls to a specified level). This is easy to set up with your Client Success Manager.


Sending Transfers

As with adding recipients to the system, payout requests can be made in one of three ways:

Manually in Bold Client Portal: entering payouts in the Bold Client Portal is straightforward. Log in to the Client Portal ( and select "Create Transfer" from the "Transfer" menu. You will be prompted to specify a recipient, payout amount and, optionally, a memo.

Batch File Import: the batch file import is great for processing many payouts at once. The file format is a simple CSV file with the fields: remote_id (required), amount (required), ref_id (optional) and memo (optional).

Log in to the Client Portal and select "CSV Upload" from the Transfers menu. You can either drag-and-drop the CSV file into the window or search for it in your file system.

The system will process the file in two passes. The first pass will confirm the basic validity of the data in the file (for example, that elements in the amount column are numbers). The system will display the number of payouts in the file and the total amount. You should check this against your own calculations to make sure they match.

On the second pass, the payout records will actually be entered into the system. You will see a running tally as the individual payouts are processed into the system. Any errors will be reported with a reason and line number. Note that errors only apply to the individual payout that was errant. Successful payouts will have been successfully entered into the system and you need not worry about re-processing them.

Server-to-Server API Call: making payouts via API is useful in a variety of situations whether running on a consistent payout cycle or more of an "on-demand" scenario. The API call is described more completely in the docs but similarly to the other methods, requires a remote_id and amount.



The Client Portal always provides real-time access to your complete transaction history. A list of payouts is displayed for each recipient. And you are able to search for payouts by date, ref_id and memo.

On the first of the month, you will be able to download a report of all financial activity in your account for the previous month. This report can also generally be used for importing into accounting systems such as QuickBooks.


Getting Help

We're happy to help! Contact us at and we'll quickly get your questions answered. Or check out our other FAQs listed here.

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