How do I initiate payments?

As with adding recipients to the system, payment instructions can be made in one of three ways: Manually via the Client Portal, Batch File Import via the Client Portal, or Server-to-Server API Call. 

The system will process the Batch Upload files in two passes. The first pass will confirm the basic validity of the data in the file (ie. elements in the amount column are numbers). The system will display the number of payouts in the file and the total amount. You should always check this against your own calculations to make sure they match.

On the second pass, the payout records will actually be entered into the system. You will see a running tally as the individual payouts are processed into the system. Any errors will be reported with a reason and line number. Please note that errors only apply to the individual payout that was errant. Successful payouts will have been successfully entered into the system and you need not worry about re-processing them.

Making payouts via API is useful in a variety of situations whether running on a consistent payout cycle or more of an "on-demand" scenario. The API call is described more completely in the docs but similarly to the other methods, requires a remote ID and amount.


1. Manual - Recommended for a small number of transfers

To create a transfer manually, logon to your Client Portal and follow the steps below:

  • Hover over Transfers from the utility navigation at the top of the page
  • Select Create Transfer
  • Select the recipient you wish to send a payment to and enter:
    • Payment amount
  • Optional
    • Memo
  • Select Submit

The transfer will be initiated and sent into queue.


2. Batch Upload - Recommended for a large number of transfers, NOT exceeding 1,000

To send payouts, you must first add recipients. For information on how to add recipients, click here.

Before you send payouts via batch file upload, be sure your CSV file contains all the necessary information described below:


  • recipient_id or remote_id
  • amount


  • ref_id
  • currency
  • wallet_id
  • memo

Once your CSV file is ready to be uploaded, logon to your Client Portal and follow the steps below:

  • Hover over Transfers
  • Select CSV Upload
  • Drag and drop .CSV file or select Choose a file to upload

The system will display the number of payments being instructed to be sent to recipients. 


3. Server-to-server API Call - Recommended for a large number of transfers 

To instruct payments through Server-to-Server API Call please refer to the documentation here.

The Velo Client Portal is run entirely on a public API suite, allowing capability with all API systems. The only requirements are recipients email address and remote ID.

Note: A remote ID is a unique identifier that you will use to send out payments to recipients. If you do not have unique identifiers for your recipients, you can use recipients' emails address.

Once payment instructions have been sent, recipients may expect to receive payments within 2-3 business days if they are set up for direct deposit. Recipients set up to receive payments via check may take up to 7 business days to receive payment.

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