Send Transfers

You can send transfers in one of three ways:


Entering payouts in the Bold Client Portal is straightforward. Log in to your account, and navigate to Transfer > Create Transfer. You will be prompted to specify a recipient, payout amount and, optionally, a memo. This is the best way to s

Batch File Import

The batch file import is great for processing many payouts at once, and is the fastest way to start sending mass payouts. The file format is a simple CSV file with the fields: remote_id (required), amount (required), ref_id (optional) and memo (optional).

Log in to your account and navigate to Transfers > CSV Upload. You can either drag-and-drop the CSV file into the window or search for it in your file system.

The system will process the file in two passes. The first pass will confirm the basic validity of the data in the file (for example, that elements in the amount column are numbers). The system will display the number of payouts in the file and the total amount. You should check this against your own calculations to make sure they match.

On the second pass, the payout records will actually be entered into the system. You will see a running tally as the individual payouts are processed into the system. Any errors will be reported with a reason and line number. Note that errors only apply to the individual payout that was errant. Successful payouts will have been successfully entered into the system and you need not worry about re-processing them.

Server-to-Server API Call

Making payouts via API is useful in a variety of situations, whether running on a consistent payout cycle or more of an "on-demand" scenario. The API call is described more completely in our docs but similarly to the other methods, requires a remote_id and amount.


If you're interested in learning more about when to use one of these three methods, here's a helpful resource!

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